Patricia Kay


Homeopathy is a philosophy of healing.


The word, homeopathy comes from the root words:

 Homeo:  similar

 Pathos:  suffering


Basically it says:


Living beings have amazing abilities to heal.

In homeopathy we call this “the vital or the life force.”


We realize that living things have properties and capacities that are not present in non-living things. This is important because we are not machines, but rather we are imbued with spirit, life and the ability to love and live with our best understanding of who we are in the world.


When we are out of sorts, this “life force” will seek the best way to restore balance and harmony. This happens in our physical bodies, our emotional responses, our minds, and our spirits.


The way “the life force” seeks to restore health can be observed:  we see signs and symptoms of its best efforts to help us recover (on all levels).


These efforts show the WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE of Life, and they can represent great creativity. We see these as symptoms or signs of how Life is seeking to make things right (on all levels).


Sometimes we get overwhelmed by an extraordinarily strong force (pathogen, trauma, bad habits, bad choice, etc.), and the efforts of the Life Force to restore well-being require help.


Instead of countering the symptoms as the best efforts to heal, we observe them and work with them.  We give something SIMILAR (homeo) to help the body through the SUFFERING (pathos) to restore health (on all levels).


I work as a classical homeopath, which means I follow the teaching of  Samuel Hahnemann to observe the pattern of person’s best attempts to heal, and recommend one single homeopathic remedy to help.  We observe the body’s response to this.  In the best of circumstances, one remedy may be all that is needed.  Other times, another remedy is required, but we wait for the new symptoms to show us which way the body wants to work, and again, use one, single remedy to support it.


In some cases I work with meditation techniques in a “homeopathic” way to help re-mind the living being to discover its best healing pathway.  If we are working with meditation, I make suggestions to go into the body with awareness, using the breath to discover the intelligence.  Then, I suggest the person actually become the intelligence, and to breathe into and from that intelligence.  The wisdom of the body-mind shows us what is trying to emerge.  This is very “homeopathic” in that we are finding what the “living organism” is trying to do, rather than telling it what to do.  This helps not only to restore health, but to correct patterns that aren’t working or to grow into something new.   This is a co-creative dance working with the body and the mind.  The human body/mind/spirit is breathtakingly beautiful and ever-creative.


In the state of health

 the spirit-like vital force

 which animates the material human organism

 reigns in supreme sovereignty

  It maintains the living organism

 in a harmony that obliges wonderment.

Thus, the reasoning spirit who inhabits the organism

can thus freely use this healthy, living instrument

to reach the lofty goal of human existence.


--Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy