Patricia Kay




I am a Certified Spiritual Director (CSD), accompanying people to support their well-being in body, mind and spirit, using the tools of deep listening, dialogue, meditation, body awareness and breath-work.


I am a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH). A well-selected homeopathic remedy can do wonders to help shift old patterns on all levels: physical, emotional/mental and spiritual.


I believe:


As humans, we come into this world for a purpose;

Our lives have meaning and sanctity.


In Spiritual Direction, we gather together in this soulful place with reverence to listen for guidance, support and help.


Where two or more are gathered in my name,

There I am.

Matthew 18:20


It’s really true: we get together in the Name of something greater than ourselves and there is a Presence that we experience because we came together in our yearning to make our lives holy. What we need to know is revealed to us.


A friend of mine, who has deep powers of vision, validated my life path over 20 years ago:


“I see people coming to you. Your hair is white, white! You offer people tea and listen to them. When they leave, they wonder, ‘how did she do that?’ You take fear from so many people.”


May it be so!



The bud

Stands for all things

Even for those things that don’t flower

For everything flowers from within, of self-blessing,

Though sometimes it is necessary

To re-teach a thing its loveliness,

To put a hand on its brow

Of the flower

And retell it in words and in touch

It is lovely

Until it flowers again from within, of self-blessing


  --Galway Kinnell, from “Saint Francis and the Sow”