Patricia Kay


Certified Counselor

Classical Homeopath

Meditation Guide

I have a B.A. in Anthropology and Spanish, an M.A. in Education, and I graduated from the Midwifery Training Institute with the title of Certified Professional Midwife, and practiced midwifery for 12 years. And I am registered in Washington State as a Certified Counselor (CC).

My training to practice homeopathy was acquired through a 10-year apprenticeship under Dr. Rosa Beléndez, M.D., beginning in 1988, in Mexico, where I worked as a midwife in a People’s Clinic, which I helped to found. After I returned to the U.S., I studied for 2 years with Master Homeopath, Louis Klein, director of Luminos Homeopathy Courses, and received the title of Homeopathic Master Clinician (HMC). I have been certified (CCH) by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, a national group that sets and upholds the standards for classical homeopaths. I continue to attend conferences given by renowned homeopaths to keep my prescribing current. And I have served on the Board of Directors of the Washington State Homeopathy Association, since its founding in 2009.

Since 2001, I have been studying and practicing another modality, Cell Level Meditation, under Dr. Barry Grundland, a psychiatrist who developed this practice and worked with it for over 40 years. I find this tool to be harmonious with the principles of homeopathy, and have written a book to describe it: Cell Level Meditation: breathing with the wisdom and intelligence of the cell. (

Our bodies have amazing healing potentials, and the basis of my work is founded on this observation.