Patricia Kay




I am a certified counselor, working with people who already have a certain degree of development to assess where they are in their lives, and what they need to grow or integrate—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


I am a certified classical homeopath.  A well-selected remedy can do wonders to help shift old patterns on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—so the person can manifest his/her “best self.”


I accompany people in meditative states of awareness, as a guide and companion, to access information that can support well-being, again on various planes:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Guiding Philosophy


As humans, we come into this world for a purpose.  Our lives have meaning and sanctity.  And, it is both human and divine to hold this view!


As a practitioner in the healing arts, I look deeply into a person’s life through observation and inquiry to help discern if that person is living out his/her  best life.  A “healthy” person has the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes in support of his or her Life and life purpose.  Health, also known as  “wholeness, ”  is an expression of  a person living in accordance with the song of the soul.


All of these different aspects can be seen as a pattern, a beautiful expression of a person’s life.    I sometimes even look at the placement of the planets at birth to consider a pattern co-inciding with the soul’s intention.   I have found this to be surprisingly helpful over the years.  People have expressed great relief in knowing that their lives are on track.  And while we are living creatures with free will, not “subject” to the stars, we are all made of stardust in some way, as well!  And so “as above, so below,” seems to be true.  And working with this information can be freeing.


There are deficiencies that may need attention—and these may lead to problems in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health.  Identifying the deficiencies, we look at what best will bring about restoration of the body, mind or spirit.  Trauma from the past, an illness from which the person never recovered, faulty nutrition, bad habits—all can leave a mark that causes imbalance and disharmony (dis-ease).


 However, some people are not having problems with deficiencies from unresolved past issues.  They have done a lot of work to heal the past, and they are moving into new territories of awareness and expressions of their fullness.  They are in a transition to something new, moving into unknown territories.  Here, my work is to help give guidance and encouragement as a new level of development is emerging.  I can see that all I learned as a midwife during my years of sitting with people through the night, waiting for babies to emerge, is helpful now in accompanying people who are going through dark nights of the soul, waiting for a new self to emerge.


Essentially, my work with people is to sit with them in a field that is respectful and open, inviting helpful information about mind/body/spirit to become present.  If things are off track, we listen carefully to find what needs to be righted.  If things are on track, we consider what will be helpful to integrate, harmonize and stabilize the current stage of development.


Once I had a friend with powers of deep vision validate my life path:


“I see people coming to see you.  Your hair is white, white!  You offer people tea and listen to them.  When they leave, they wonder, “how did she do that?”  You take fear from so many people.”


The bud

Stands for all things

Even for those things that don’t flower

For everything flowers from within, of self-blessing,

Though sometimes it is necessary

To re-teach a thing its loveliness,

To put a hand on its brow

Of the flower

And retell it in words and in touch

It is lovely

Until it flowers again from within, of self-blessing


  --Galway Kinnell, from “Saint Francis and the Sow”