Patricia Kay

Patricia is the most gifted healer.  Her constant presence of heart and insight as she brings breath and light to every moment we interact truly show her gifts are from the Divine Presence.  She has walked with me down paths that I didn’t understand, and has brought me exquisite guidance from the depths of her being and beyond.  Her healing capacities function on multiple levels simultaneously as she deals with the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, mythological, archetypal, astrological and cosmic conditions of my being as I relate to my community and the larger world.  She is very knowledgeable in multiple healing modalities and effortlessly blends them into just the right elixir for the moment to bring healing in the interest of my highest and best good.  If you get to work with her, consider yourself blessed, for to know her is to love her and to know yourself in all your depths of beauty, goodness and truth, be it from pain and agony or bliss and peace.

C.A.  Seattle, WA

Patricia's skill is truly amazing and precise....when I am working with her, I always feel so deeply met and cared for.

 Anyaa McAndrew,

Whittier, NC

In 2010 and going right through 2014, I did not have any idea how much I would need Patricia's singular talents, but now I cannot imagine having survived those years without her special gifts. In 2010 I found out in short succession that I had breast and lung cancer, was hospitalized for 8 days with a near-fatal cellulitis infection, had a blood clot, severe, crushing, debilitating depression, 5 months of chemotherapy, a suspected metastatic lymph node...the list just went on. From across the US, Patricia reached out to me and asked if I'd like to work with her on my healing. We had never met, never spoken, but she had read some of my posts and decided she could be of assistance.


We worked together every day for months as I tried to understand what she was trying to teach me through her cell-level meditation and spiritual approach. She guided me literally, psychologically, and spiritually. I feel so indebted to her that I have written a book soon to be published, called INTEGRAL HEALING, and Patricia is one of its heroes.


She has the power to be limitlessly and effortlessly present with you at every moment in just the way you need to be held.  She uses the wisdom of the ages, both denominational and nondenominational. She combines that with cutting-edge science so that she can offer multiple healing modalities. I am a lawyer and educator, trained researcher and skeptic, so when she proposed doing an astrological analysis of my complex and daunting life challenges,  I was hesitant, but when she walked me through my planetary influences, I was shocked. They were so accurate, so nuanced, so deeply related to the crazy life I have led, that I became a complete convert.


I treasure Patricia, and never want her to leave my life. Wherever I might be, there she is, with just the right mixture to heal me, to challenge my thinking, and to lift me up.


~Lynne Feldman, MA, JD

Upper Saddle River, NJ

Since we started working with Patricia, both my boys have stopped having croup, my younger son has had his tongue tie resolved, and I have stopped having sinus problems.  I have also had a great improvement in the anxiety that I started having after both my boys were diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.  Both boys have experienced a decrease in their sensory symptoms and an improvement in their ability to digest their food.  We have also seen signs of improvement in our immune systems.  We no longer get every cold that comes our way and my older son shows less reaction to his food allergies.  Homeopathy has been the answer to my prayer for my boys to have complete healing: body, mind, and spirit.


Olympia, WA

Patricia has been an amazing help for me, guiding me through recovery from a medical diagnosis that has no mainstream cure and results in a painful death following that path.  Her passion to help people regain their health, wash away emotional pain and step through painful life experiences to a higher state of awareness is truly amazing.


Olympia, WA

Watching the moon

at midnight,



I knew myself completely,

no part left out


--Izumi Shikiru, Japanese poetess

My husband and I have been working with Patricia for years.  Through her care, I've experienced immediate turn-arounds of severely acute, even dire, physical conditions, and both my husband & I have experienced resolution of long-term, chronic physical and emotional conditions that other practitioners had diagnosed as "incurable."  In addition, Patricia's work is profoundly healing to the spirit.  She truly and wholly sees, hears and understands her patients with a presence that is utterly safe, caring and wise.  Patricia is also notable for her breadth of knowledge of her field, both skillful in her use of the classic remedies and protocols, and keeping abreast of the latest remedies and techniques.

- Rae Diamond, Seattle, WA

I’ve known Patricia for over 17 years.  Her work as a homeopath has been transformative for me.  When I find myself living out of stressful patterns or beliefs that are holding me back or feel too painful, I’ll call Patricia.  She listens deeply to me and uses her wisdom and considerable knowledge to come up with a remedy that supports what is needed to move me forward spiritually, emotionally and physically.  I have a lot of tools and wisdom myself.  However, what I find so useful about homeopathy is that it works in ways that I don’t have to know or understand – it’s an alchemical process that lifts me up and out of the darker places into softer open spaces. where I can live creatively and with more love.  I feel supported in being my authentic self, which is a spiritual being learning to love but also needing to be effective in providing for myself and sustaining relationships in the physical world.

A.L. - Westminster, CO

Before I met Patricia Kay, my family spent over $100,000 during a 25 year period on traditional and alternative medical treatments [ranging from well-respected doctors at UCLA medical center, a naturopath, a medical doctor specializing in holistic treatments, acupuncturists, Chinese medical doctors, to experts in biofeedback and psychologists.]  Some of these well-meaning professionals offered partial relief of my symptoms for short periods of time.  I was desperate for a total and permanent healing.  [Patricia was recommended by one of these professionals that had received her own healing.]

Patricia Kay's expertise and concern were obvious from my first telephone appointment.  She asked many in-depth questions to get to the bottom of my chronic problem.  Within 7 months of treatment I was symptom-free and within 10 months I was able to work for the first time in a full-time position!  Over the last 7 years I have referred many of my family and friends to her and each has received expert care and healing.


Austin, TX