Patricia Kay

Fee Schedule



$325 for initial adult consultation/$175 for kids under 18


$50 for subsequent visits or phone consultations of 30 minutes or less


$101 for subsequent, 1 hour visits or phone consultations over 30 minutes


$100 for one acute care session


No charge for phone consultations under 10 minutes, to answer brief questions or make adjustments


Family rate: 10% off initial consultation for second family member and others after that


I work by appointment only. I encourage you to work with a licensed medical professional who is open to homeopathy. I am happy to work in conjunction with other practitioners only if you give me written consent to do this. I do not accept reimbursement from insurance companies.


Spiritual Direction:

$50 to $120 per one-hour session, according to your financial circumstances


We meet either in person or by phone or by Skype Video Conference



You may pay either with a check mailed to me or via PayPal.